Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hi All,

Well, I'm here while MOM is out feedinig the ducks and kennel dogs and thought I'd drop a line or two.

MOM didn't fix any turkey today. SHE said it was because I'm allergic to it ( it makes me itch like CRAZY ) so she fixed a sweet potatoe for HER and gave Stylle and me a regular potatoe ( wonder what the sweet potatoe tastes like ) and baked some chicken and heated up some cream corn and that's what we had!!! MOM sure can cook good.

Stylle and I got to clean MOM's plate when she was done and SHE even gave us a piece of chicken too. I'm ok with not having any turkey but Stylle said she'd like to have had some. Oh, well.

MOM has been home with us all week and it's been fun to snuggle up with Her on the sofa at night - I wish SHE could stay with us all the time.

Now that MOM has put up a fence for me ( SHE says it's so I can't get near the sheep and chase them even tho it's soooo much fun ) I now have this huge yard to play in. I can run and jump and visit the kennel dogs and sneak up on the fence and watch the sheep run when they finally see me ( it's ALMOST as much fun as chasing them but not quite ). It's nice to go see Catcher and Vinnie and Maggie but Rosie STILL wants to growl at me and MOM won't let me any closer than standing outside the kennel ( SHE says Rosie likes to fight and doesn't want me hurt ).

Well, I hear MOM coming in the back door so I guess I'd better go so SHE doesn't find out I've been on the computer.

`bye for now,


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hi Everyone!!!

It's been a real loooong time since MOM has let me at the computer ( SHE says it's because the old computer died but I think it's because SHE'S afraid I might break the new one ), but since she's in the laundry room I thought I'd drop a couple of lines to let you know I'm still here.

As you can see, it's gotten cold enough for me to wear a sweater and ain't this one pretty??? MOM knit this one for me last weekend and it's really warm. SHE let me pick out the colors and the pattern and she made it in just a couple of days ( MOM took some time off from work - something about being stressed out. Didn't make any sense to me. ). I went outside to show the kennel dogs what MOM had made for me - but they weren't too impressed. Actually, Rosie wanted me to come closer so she could get a good look at my sweater but I remember how she pulled my last one off. Needless to say, I didn't get too close to Rosie.

I turned 2 YEARS OLD in October and MOM and Stylle made me a cake and I got a box of thick chicken flavored rawhide chews ( YUMMY ) but MOM said I had to share them with Stylle. I guess it's ok to share - Stylle does let me lay down next to her when I'm cold so I can get warm again.

MOM said since I have turned 2 and I've been such a good girl that I can stay out of my crate when SHE'S gone, but I do have to stay in it when SHE waters the kennel dogs and the sheep because SHE has to open the backdoor and SHE'S afraid I might get out and bother the sheep ( all I want to do is chase the sheep a little bit - it's soooo much fun!!! ).

Well, I hear MOM coming down the hall, so I guess I'd better run for now.



Thursday, October 12, 2006

I AM ONE YEAR OLD !!! On Tuesday, Oct.10,2006, I became 1 year old and MOM says I'm a big girl now. We had a small private party ( MOM said she wasn't up to having TONS of puppies around now but maybe I can talk her into something for next year ) with just MOM and Stylle and Me, THE BIRTHDAY GIRL. I got some new stuffesd toys - a white bunny rabbit with sparkly feet, 2 teddy bears, and a goat. And, we had my all time most favorite food ( besides whatever MOM is eating at the time ) - PIZZA !!! MOM let me have 2 pieces of PIZZA - ok, it was just the crust but it was still PIZZA !!! I even shared my PIZZA with Stylle. I played with my new stuffed toys until I was sooooo tired I couldn't hold my head up and then I crawled up into MOM's lap and fell asleep. I like parties * yawn * they are so much fun ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

On Sept.19,2006, I lost Mama D. I had known her since MOM brought me home and Mama D took me under her wing. Mama D taught me how to be a good girl and to share my toys with Stylle ( even though I didn't want to ). She helped MOM take care of me when I had something called kennel cough and was very sick. Mama D would let me climb all over her, chew on her ears, bark at her, and let me pick up her feet when she was trying to walk without getting mad at me. When she got sick MOM said I couldn't play with her any more, but Mama D said it was ok to lie down beside her and she would tell me stories of when she was younger and had been a show dog - that made me feel better because I was really scared when she got sick. But one day the doctor came out and her and MOM and Stylle were up on the deck with Mama D and the next timg I knew MOM was putting Mama D into the ground. I was really scared then and kept telling MOM that something was wrong but she couldn't hear me because Mama D had gotten much worse and the docter was there to help her but there wasn't anything she could do, so MOM said to make her be at peace. MOM took Mama D to the black locust tree, next to where Stylle said some of Mama D's family are at rest and put her into the ground. MOM explained it to me and I was very sad that I wouldn't get to see or play with Mama D again but that she would be ok and when I became older that I would go to Mama D and it would be like she never left. I think I understand, but I still miss her - Stylle says this is ok and that I should remember all the good times we had with her so she'll stay in our hearts.
I miss and love you very very much,

Monday, September 04, 2006

Well, MOM , DeeDee , Stylle , and I have decided to take a break from all the work going on around here and just enjoy this Labor Day holiday by lounging around on the sofa and watching movies. MOM says we need to remember that Labor Day is a holiday and not another reason to go to Wal-Mart or any other store to shop.

So, w will be back to work tomorrow, but until then enjoy the holiday.

Chloe, diva chlothes maker

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hi All,

Well, MOM has been out shopping and, even though SHE didn't take me along, SHE did get some new yarns. SHE got a boucle in shaded blue, a rainbow varigated light-weight yarn, and a fancy blue yarn that is soooo soft I wanted it right then ( but MOM said I couldn't have it yet ). SHE also got a multi-colored chenille yarn that would be great as a blankie or a soft sweater to sleep in.

We , MOM and I , will be working on making some sweaters and coats out of the new yarns.

SHE also bought me a crown and a princess hat ( the pointy kind with a veil streaming down the back )!!! I can hardly wait to try them on - SHE said that SHE was going to make them for me to sell to other princess dogs along with pretty capes to go with them. MOM says SHE has a lot of ideas for me to sell and, the best part ? ... I get to modell all of them !!!!! I'm so excited I can hardly sit still. It's going to be so much fun making things out of this yarn and then modelling them as MOM takes pix of me - I'm such a lucky girl !!! ( even if I do have to let DeeDee and Stylle model them too. )

Will be back later with some of our new items for all you lovely girl and boy dogs ( MOM said she even had something for the boy dogs out there ).

Until later,

Chloe, diva chlothes maker.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Here is Stylle modelling my scarf. You can sort of see the design better on Stylle. I didn't like it that MOM put my brand new scarf on Stylle, but she reminded me that Stylle and DeeDee let me taste some of the cookies they make and I needed to be a " big girl " and learn to share. I still don't like it, but I do like the cookies, so I guess that she can wear it for a little while, but I get it back real soon!!!

Chloe, diva chlothes maker


It's finally gotten cooler here and MOM went shopping the other day and bought me a scarf to wear. SHE said SHE wanted to make sure I'd wear one before SHE started making them for me. The one I have on is dark pink with black and white footprints and bones on it. MOM wanted me to turn around so I could show everyone my new scarf but I wanted to go play with the ducks ( I just LOVE chasing the ducks - but MOM says I can't go that), so I just sat and looked at HER like I didn't know what SHE wanted. I think this pix of me is gorgeous!!! MOM said that after SHE gets done with the sheep thing at the fair ( no, SHE won't let any of us go with HER ), that SHE'LL go get some fabric and make some scarves. Maybe, if I'm real good, SHE'LL let me go with her to pick out the fabric - that would be FUN!!!.

Unitl later,

Chloe, diva chlothes maker