Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hi All,

Well, MOM has been out shopping and, even though SHE didn't take me along, SHE did get some new yarns. SHE got a boucle in shaded blue, a rainbow varigated light-weight yarn, and a fancy blue yarn that is soooo soft I wanted it right then ( but MOM said I couldn't have it yet ). SHE also got a multi-colored chenille yarn that would be great as a blankie or a soft sweater to sleep in.

We , MOM and I , will be working on making some sweaters and coats out of the new yarns.

SHE also bought me a crown and a princess hat ( the pointy kind with a veil streaming down the back )!!! I can hardly wait to try them on - SHE said that SHE was going to make them for me to sell to other princess dogs along with pretty capes to go with them. MOM says SHE has a lot of ideas for me to sell and, the best part ? ... I get to modell all of them !!!!! I'm so excited I can hardly sit still. It's going to be so much fun making things out of this yarn and then modelling them as MOM takes pix of me - I'm such a lucky girl !!! ( even if I do have to let DeeDee and Stylle model them too. )

Will be back later with some of our new items for all you lovely girl and boy dogs ( MOM said she even had something for the boy dogs out there ).

Until later,

Chloe, diva chlothes maker.

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