Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hi All,

Well, I'm here while MOM is out feedinig the ducks and kennel dogs and thought I'd drop a line or two.

MOM didn't fix any turkey today. SHE said it was because I'm allergic to it ( it makes me itch like CRAZY ) so she fixed a sweet potatoe for HER and gave Stylle and me a regular potatoe ( wonder what the sweet potatoe tastes like ) and baked some chicken and heated up some cream corn and that's what we had!!! MOM sure can cook good.

Stylle and I got to clean MOM's plate when she was done and SHE even gave us a piece of chicken too. I'm ok with not having any turkey but Stylle said she'd like to have had some. Oh, well.

MOM has been home with us all week and it's been fun to snuggle up with Her on the sofa at night - I wish SHE could stay with us all the time.

Now that MOM has put up a fence for me ( SHE says it's so I can't get near the sheep and chase them even tho it's soooo much fun ) I now have this huge yard to play in. I can run and jump and visit the kennel dogs and sneak up on the fence and watch the sheep run when they finally see me ( it's ALMOST as much fun as chasing them but not quite ). It's nice to go see Catcher and Vinnie and Maggie but Rosie STILL wants to growl at me and MOM won't let me any closer than standing outside the kennel ( SHE says Rosie likes to fight and doesn't want me hurt ).

Well, I hear MOM coming in the back door so I guess I'd better go so SHE doesn't find out I've been on the computer.

`bye for now,


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hi Everyone!!!

It's been a real loooong time since MOM has let me at the computer ( SHE says it's because the old computer died but I think it's because SHE'S afraid I might break the new one ), but since she's in the laundry room I thought I'd drop a couple of lines to let you know I'm still here.

As you can see, it's gotten cold enough for me to wear a sweater and ain't this one pretty??? MOM knit this one for me last weekend and it's really warm. SHE let me pick out the colors and the pattern and she made it in just a couple of days ( MOM took some time off from work - something about being stressed out. Didn't make any sense to me. ). I went outside to show the kennel dogs what MOM had made for me - but they weren't too impressed. Actually, Rosie wanted me to come closer so she could get a good look at my sweater but I remember how she pulled my last one off. Needless to say, I didn't get too close to Rosie.

I turned 2 YEARS OLD in October and MOM and Stylle made me a cake and I got a box of thick chicken flavored rawhide chews ( YUMMY ) but MOM said I had to share them with Stylle. I guess it's ok to share - Stylle does let me lay down next to her when I'm cold so I can get warm again.

MOM said since I have turned 2 and I've been such a good girl that I can stay out of my crate when SHE'S gone, but I do have to stay in it when SHE waters the kennel dogs and the sheep because SHE has to open the backdoor and SHE'S afraid I might get out and bother the sheep ( all I want to do is chase the sheep a little bit - it's soooo much fun!!! ).

Well, I hear MOM coming down the hall, so I guess I'd better run for now.