Wednesday, October 11, 2006

On Sept.19,2006, I lost Mama D. I had known her since MOM brought me home and Mama D took me under her wing. Mama D taught me how to be a good girl and to share my toys with Stylle ( even though I didn't want to ). She helped MOM take care of me when I had something called kennel cough and was very sick. Mama D would let me climb all over her, chew on her ears, bark at her, and let me pick up her feet when she was trying to walk without getting mad at me. When she got sick MOM said I couldn't play with her any more, but Mama D said it was ok to lie down beside her and she would tell me stories of when she was younger and had been a show dog - that made me feel better because I was really scared when she got sick. But one day the doctor came out and her and MOM and Stylle were up on the deck with Mama D and the next timg I knew MOM was putting Mama D into the ground. I was really scared then and kept telling MOM that something was wrong but she couldn't hear me because Mama D had gotten much worse and the docter was there to help her but there wasn't anything she could do, so MOM said to make her be at peace. MOM took Mama D to the black locust tree, next to where Stylle said some of Mama D's family are at rest and put her into the ground. MOM explained it to me and I was very sad that I wouldn't get to see or play with Mama D again but that she would be ok and when I became older that I would go to Mama D and it would be like she never left. I think I understand, but I still miss her - Stylle says this is ok and that I should remember all the good times we had with her so she'll stay in our hearts.
I miss and love you very very much,

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