Wednesday, August 09, 2006


It's finally gotten cooler here and MOM went shopping the other day and bought me a scarf to wear. SHE said SHE wanted to make sure I'd wear one before SHE started making them for me. The one I have on is dark pink with black and white footprints and bones on it. MOM wanted me to turn around so I could show everyone my new scarf but I wanted to go play with the ducks ( I just LOVE chasing the ducks - but MOM says I can't go that), so I just sat and looked at HER like I didn't know what SHE wanted. I think this pix of me is gorgeous!!! MOM said that after SHE gets done with the sheep thing at the fair ( no, SHE won't let any of us go with HER ), that SHE'LL go get some fabric and make some scarves. Maybe, if I'm real good, SHE'LL let me go with her to pick out the fabric - that would be FUN!!!.

Unitl later,

Chloe, diva chlothes maker

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