Wednesday, August 02, 2006

MOM was working on a really neat coat for me to model - it was turquoise blue with little purple hearts scattered on it and a cool purple and turquoise collar with feathery things on it. But now SHE isn't working on it - SHE says that with the temperature in the mid 90's and real high humidity, SHE wasn't working on anything that even looked like a sweater or coat until this heat wave is broken. I don't think it's too bad and want to run and play as usual, but MOM keeps after me not to - SHE says if I don't be careful that I can get real sick from the heat. I guess I'd better try to do what SHE says since SHE is helping me make the sweaters and coats and the rest of the things for other pups.
I think I'll go see how much water is is the water bowl and, maybe see if I can't make a swimming hole for me in the kitchen, that way I can do what MOM says and stay cool!!!
Chloe, diva chloethes maker.

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