Sunday, July 23, 2006

Oooops!!! I hit the post button before MOM could type how to measure your pup to get the right size.( I'm still learning how to type and sometimes make mistakes ).
Here is how MOM would like for you to measure your pup for the sweaters and coats:
1) measure down the back of pup from below his collar to where his tail meets his body ( length of coat or sweater ),
2) measure pup's neck just below where his collar would lie ( neck circumference ),
3) measure the width between his front legs where they meet his body,
4) measure from the middle of his neck ( in front ) to where his front legs meet his body,
5) measure his chest from just behind his front legs ( chest circumference ).
Remember, not to pull the tape measure tight - make sure you can get 2 fingers between it and the pup.
Now, after you've measured pup you need some way to decide on what size of sweater or coat to order ( please send the above mearsurements to MOM along with the size you've picked out ). Use the following chart to help with this.
XXS= 7 - 10 inch chest ; XS= 10 - 13 inch chest ; S= 13 - 17 inch chest ; M= 17 - 21 inch chest ;
L= 21 - 25 inch chest ; XL= 25 - 29 inch chest ; XXl= 29 - 33 inch chest ; XXXL= 33 - 37 inch chest.
This size range should give you an idea of what type of sweater ( or coat ) pup can wear.
If you have any questions about sizing, ordering, yarns, fabrics, or anything else, please email me, Chloe, at and I will answer you ASAP.

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